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pantyhose_lady's Journal

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This community is for women who love wearing pantyhose and tights, everyday or for special occasions
This community is for women who love pantyhose and tights, whether it is for everyday wear or for special occasions.

Please post anything you feel like on pantyhose, such as specials on pantyhose and so on.

I, myself, wear pantyhose or tights (mainly pantyhose) everyday since I have my own Mary Kay business and it is Mary Kay's saying that a woman is professional in a skirt or dress, closed-toes heels and pantyhose. I live by her words and my director also lives by them. She said, even though the dress code has changed, the unit is still required to wear hosiery and closed-toe heels to our weekly success meetings, our weekend brunches and when we go to a sister consultant's grand opening or when we hold our skin care classes. It is also good to wear pantyhose to company events such as Career Conference and Seminar, along with closed-toe heels. It is also good to wear pantyhose even when shopping as you will never know where you will meet a future recruit or a woman who wants to buy MK or is willing to be a hostess to her own skin care class.